Ashley has been with DCG for less than a year and she’s already made an incredible impact on DCG and her client. She was nominated by colleagues who said, “Ashley is a shining example of our organizational commitment to going above and beyond in support of our nation’s Veterans. Through the national initiative that she’s working on, she is helping VA expand its current efforts and reaches by taking a public health approach to preventing Veteran suicides.”

We sat down with Ashley to get to know this motivated and passionate Account Supervisor who hails from Michigan with her not-so-Miniature Golden Doodle, Horatio.

Ashley Gork

DCG: What brought you to DC from Michigan? 

Ashley: I had lived in Michigan my whole life, aside from getting my master’s degree from Northwestern. One day, I got an itch to move somewhere new and narrowed down my list to DC, LA and Chicago. After about six months, I realized I was only applying to jobs in DC. Once I found the role at DCG, I took it in a heartbeat and moved here with my dog, Horatio.

DCG: Tell us about your role at DCG.

Ashley: I work on a team at Department of Veterans Affairs that is taking a public health approach to preventing Veteran suicides. We’re currently working on localizing our approach through community engagement and partnerships to reach Veterans before a crisis point.

DCG: What do you enjoy most about your role?

Ashley: Not only do I love the work I’m doing, but I also love my team, interacting with clients and being able to problem solve. I’ve never felt more connected to a job – the work we’re doing is really rewarding.

DCG: What motivates you during a challenging day?

Ashley: In terms of work, our client’s mission motivates me. Having the opportunity to work on something so mission-driven is rewarding. When you face an obstacle or there’s a particularly long day, you remember you’re committed to saving lives.

Personally, I’m motivated by accomplishment. I always have a to-do list running so I can track achievements throughout the day. My dad taught me that you should always start your to-do list with “create a to-do list” so you can cross something off right away.

DCG: Now for the fun stuff! What do you do in your spare time?

Ashley: Well Horatio (my dog) takes up a lot of free time, so you can usually find us at dog parks on the weekends. I’m also always reading three to four books at a time. I recently finished The Charisma Myth which I highly recommend, especially for those in consulting.

DCG: What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

Ashley: I would buy property in the hills of Austria. When I traveled through Western Europe, it really struck me. It would be a great spot for a little getaway!