Even though Stephen was an actor while at the University of Virginia, many of his DCG colleagues mentioned they had not seen him too often because he is at the client site and wanted to learn more about our very own “man of mystery,” so he is our July Employee Feature of the Month.

Stephen Miles

DCG: Before we talk work, tell us more about this acting gig. Did you have dreams to become the next Brad Pitt?

Stephen: It’s surreal to see your face on a big screen. While I knew Hollywood was probably not in my cards, I did have an actual actress, who played the daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire, say I had a “real sense of naturalism.” Full disclosure: my friend on the school paper probably paid her to say that.

DCG: But consulting it was…. Tell us what you do at DCG.

Stephen: I’m in charge of a small but mighty team at the Office of Rural Health, part of the Department of Veterans Affairs. We’re responsible for providing full-service communications to support the client’s goal of increasing the quality of and access to healthcare for rural Veterans.

DCG: You went to UVA, Charlottesville is a great college town! What did you like most about the school and town?

Stephen: I have a huge soft spot for C-ville. I cheered for all the Cavalier sports teams, but I was part of the old guard – wearing the traditional oxford shirt, tie, blazer, etc. to the football games. I almost died of heat stroke during those season openers, but Charlottesville clings to tradition the way DC clings to partisan shrieking.

DCG: Are you a tie guy only or a bowtie guy?

Stephen: Tie, definitely a tie guy. Bowties are for shoelaces and Christmas presents.

DCG: Besides cheering on UVA, what else do you do in your spare time?

Stephen: Love the hiking and the outdoors, which is a bit of a disappointing hobby in Northern Virginia when you are from Southwest Virginia. I also enjoy food – and as mentioned before – am still a film aficionado. I’m glad DC is now a restaurant town.

DCG: We have to ask, favorite restaurant?

Stephen: I tend to prefer cuisines to restaurants, and my favorites are New American and French. But I do want to try Masseria in Eastern Market.

DCG: Since we are talking food, we have to ask you what we ask everyone else – what is your favorite aisle in the grocery store?

Stephen: The produce aisle – you get to choose your own adventure. If you can pick out a good cantaloupe, you’re halfway to becoming an adult. I love to cook – especially things considerably less complicated then when I go out. For fall/winter, lots of braises; for spring/summer, cutlets like chicken madeira.