Jill And Daughter

Behind the Scenes: Life as a Working Mom at DCG

by Jill Alarcon

In October 2016 I received a new title, “Mom”, and my world changed completely. My daughter, Luciana, is now 20 months (read: just over a year-and-a-half to the non-parents who don’t care how many months old she is). It has been a whirlwind to say the least. I joined DCG in June of 2017 when she was 8 months old as the company’s first HR Director. At this point, she had only been sleeping through the night consistently for a month and I was recovering from sleep deprivation. Prior to joining DCG I commuted anywhere from 1-2 hours each way, 4-5 days a week running on very little sleep, and saw Luciana just for a short few minutes before daycare drop off or in the evening for her bedtime routine.

I discovered DCG, when I was up with my daughter in the middle of the night, through a networking group on Facebook. With each conversation during the interview process, I became more and more impressed, not just with what DCG had built in just seven years, but the incredibly talented, energetic, and approachable members of the team I had the opportunity to speak with. I joined the firm without hesitation and haven’t looked back!

DCG is a unique organization. For much of its history, the company was virtual. As they grew past the 30-person mark, it no longer made sense to hold meetings in colleague’s apartment building or the local coffee shop. Eventually, DCG secured office space at the WeWork White House, in the heart of the DC. Our team is a mix of employees working from home, on client-site and at WeWork.

Life as a full-time working mom at DCG has provided me with the support and flexibility that I didn’t know was possible. I can spend mornings with my daughter, eating breakfast together, reading books and dropping her off at daycare without the pressure of having to constantly stress if I’ll make it to work on time. I get to pick her up from daycare with time to spare to play (most, but not all days), have dinner and do her evening routine, time I cherish so much. I can be there for her well-visits at the pediatrician and, inevitably, when she gets sick, I can pick up the phone and call my manager without fear. I receive a resounding “Yes! Go take care of Luciana! What can I do to support you in the meantime?”. And while I feel guilty for taking time to focus on my family, because I’ve always been this way and just can’t shake that, ultimately, I know the work will get done, even if that may be outside of traditional business hours. To work for a company that doesn’t just say they value work-life balance, but truly lives and breathes it is a rarity. DCG is an incredibly special organization, with some of the most humble, talented, mission-driven, hard-working and caring team members.

As a working mom I have a new perspective on the challenges of taking care of someone other than yourself. For the first time, I feel like I’m truly where I’m supposed to be. My career is an important part of what makes me, me. While there are times when work picks up and I spend less time with my family, I know it’s temporary and a natural part of the ebbs and flows of business. Ultimately, working at a company where they put their trust in you and give you the flexibility you need, makes you that much more motivated to give your all. I’m honored to work for DCG and hope that others get the opportunity to do so!