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Make This Superstar Your Top Pick

by Kandice Ferrell

Humans crave purpose. Some find it in service to family and friends, for others it is service to country or a specific community or population. In many cases, it is an amalgamation of these.  For me, work fulfillment is always rooted in service. That’s why, as someone from a family with long-standing military traditions, I feel privileged to work for a firm with an unwavering commitment to Veteran initiatives.

As a Community Manager and Senior Account Executive at DCG Communications, I connect daily with Veterans and their champions at the Department of Veterans Affairs. My job focuses on providing strategic communications, marketing, and technical tools to help maximize services to Veterans.  In my job, I also have the honor of collaborating with many professionals who are military spouses. They are easily spotted by their willingness to go the extra mile.

In honor of upcoming national Military Spouse Appreciation Day, I wanted to offer a few tips to help you identify the military spouses in your community or workplace. I encourage you to ambush them with gratitude. They deserve it and if you take the time to build a relationship with a military spouse, you will have an ally for life.

  1. They are masterful at networking. Holding down the home front solo has taught them the importance of having a strong support system and network. Whether you need a mentor, job interview introduction, or lawn specialist, just ask – they have you covered.
  2. They get stuff done. The term resourceful is an understatement. When a project needs to be pushed over the finish line, you can depend on them. Inherently humble, they are not interested in the limelight or who receives credit, just solid results.
  3. They are idea machines. Living across the country, or abroad in many cases, has exposed them to a world of possibilities. Include them in your brainstorm sessions for fresh perspectives!
  4. They are generous. Often the first to volunteer a carpool ride or lend support on a tight deadline, they are generous with their time and resources because they understand the importance of team work.
  5. They are seriously smart.  Having to wear many different hats has taught them to refine their strengths and focus on what they do well. Clarity and efficiency are a winning combination for productivity. They don’t waste time pretending to know it all.

Do you know a military spouse you’d like to recognize for their sacrifice, brilliance, or dazzling resilience? Make sure to let them know how much you appreciate these incredible individuals.

Photo credit: Lance Cpl. Stephen Stewart