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Map of the U.S. with dots on top of states where DCGers live

A Career Change Changed My Life

The person who asks about my job the most is someone who hasn’t worked in 32 years. My grandmother, who retired in 1990, faithfully asks about my job when I visit every Tuesday. And it’s always the same question:

“How is your job going? Are they treating you right?”

My answer is also always the same:

“I love it. The people I work with are wonderful, and they are definitely treating me right.”

When I say I love my job, I mean it. And, almost 25 years into my career, I haven’t always been able to say that.

DCG=Mission-Driven Work, Strong Company Culture, Caring Coworkers

Before I joined DCG, I had my own consulting business and a part-time marketing job I really liked. Things were going well, but I craved a little more stability while maintaining the flexibility of being mostly self-employed.

A friend said she wanted to recommend me for a position with her company. It was a virtual company, so I could continue working from home. The work was fulfilling and her coworkers friendly and collaborative.

Her call changed my life. I started working for DCG in July 2020, and I’ve never looked back.


The first thing I noticed when I started at DCG was the supportive environment. And it’s continued each and every day. The company leadership is committed to ensuring my success. There are no games. None. No one is trying to undermine anyone else. My manager encourages me to spread my wings and try new things. She wants me to grow professionally and personally.

My team brings their “A Game” every day because they’re true professionals. And they’re also really fun and caring people. We get each other through life’s challenges. We laugh a lot.

And that’s not all.

Though DCG is a virtual company, we have a really strong company culture. There’s always something going on and many ways to get involved. We have a book club, wellness activities and challenges, and volunteer opportunities.

When you come onboard, you’re paired with a “buddy” who is your guide to getting settled. I was a buddy and I’ve been a buddy. It’s a fabulous program. Next on my to-do list is the mentorship program. You’re matched up with someone outside your team and skillset, so you get the chance to learn new things while gleaning the expertise of a seasoned colleague. I can’t wait!

DCGers also head up a variety of thriving committees. The Events Committee plans our fun parties and gatherings, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee focuses on instilling a company culture that welcomes and celebrates individuality and authenticity, and the Social Media Committee shares all DCG’s latest news.

DCG is a mission-driven company. We work every day to support veterans, victims of human trafficking, people fighting poverty, and those living through disasters and humanitarian crises. Our work has meaning and purpose. My coworkers all have a huge heart, and they want to make a difference.

Speaking of my coworkers, they live all over the country. This has broadened my perspective in so many ways. I’ve heard about fun local customs I would’ve probably never learned about. And talk about travel inspo! I’ve discovered so many fun places to visit: Austin, Texas; Columbia, South Carolina; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Northern California; and Greene, Maine.

Map of the U.S. with dots on top of states where DCGers live

This map shows the location of DCGers across the country!

Being among such a diverse group is also really energizing. I have a coworker who was once a comedy writer and another who was a professional figure skater. Being surrounded by people of all ages with unique experiences and backgrounds brings a whole new dimension to my job.

Come aboard

I didn’t even really realize what I was looking for until I found it. And, yes, I can assure you this magical place really exists. You could work here, too. Check out DCG’s career page to view our current job listings. Maybe I’ll be your buddy!

A Career Change Changed My Life was originally published in DCG Life on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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