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DCG celebrates National Pet Day

Take a look at our four-legged friends (and colleagues!).

My favorite colleague and companion, my 9-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, Brooser

From scaly to furry, large and small, in honor of National Pet Day today, DCGers took a moment to celebrate our loved ones who are more than just pets — they’re family and work-day companions.

As a remote organization, we would be remiss not to shine a spotlight on these colleagues that keep us company, make us smile, and know when to tell us it’s time for a break from our screens.

I know Brooser certainly keeps me company, and tends to crash a Teams call or two… but who could resist a face like that? 🐶

Let’s take a look at DCGers’ companions who deserve all the celebrations — and treats — today.

Sydney Anderson

Pet: Doug

Hello from Doug (aka my entire world)! He’s a 75 lb. 6.5-year-old rescue Pit Bull/Chow mix who thinks he’s the size of a chihuahua and also a human. He enjoys naps in the sun or by the fireplace, going camping, and snuggling with mom on the couch. Doug lives a luxurious life complete with his own oversized chair in the living room right in front of a big picture window, an entire dresser full of treats, and his own pillow in bed — he might be the most spoiled dog you’ll ever meet.

Medium size brown down wearing a yellow life vest on a boat looking at the camera with its tongue hanging out and looking happy Brown dog wearing a blue bandana around its neck looking outside a window of a houseBrown dog wearing a bow tie looking straight into the camera

Sydney’s Doug in Iowa

Allison Weinstock

Pet: Ozzie

Ozzie is a high-energy, lovable, 3-year-old Alaskan Malamute. His favorite activities are playing, eating, and meeting new people. Only in the last year or two has he really come around to the joy of comfort, climbing into the pile of bed pillows to snuggle. Every evening, we go for walks with his dog park friends: a greyhound, corgi, and Australian shepherd — you might see us walking outside the Pentagon City mall!

Woman crouching down next to a grey and white fluffy dog on the sidewalk, smiling Grey and white fluffy dog cuddled up on pillows on a bed Grey and white fluffy dog outside on grass looking at the camera with its tongue hanging out

Allison and Ozzie in Arlington, VA

Meaghan Jordan

Pet(s): Dakota and Tessa

Dakota and Tessa, from a trip to Maine a few years ago to see where Andre the Seal lived. 😊

Meaghan, Dakota, and Tessa in Maine

Nicole Yoder

Pet: Lucy

Lucy is a 2-and-a-half-year-old mini labradoodle! (She is the first dog I’ve ever had and let’s just say I get it now; dogs are angels on Earth.) Lucy is a very loyal dog. She follows us around the house and sleeps in our bed like it’s all her own. However, she would abandon us for a piece of food in a dark alley if she had the choice. She may be “mini” but don’t let that fool you. She has a bark that could wake the dead and ensures she’s “alpha” amongst her doggie friends. She loves belly rubs and can’t contain herself when she hears “play ball outside?!” If Lucy were a human, she would be a Nobel prize winner for how fast she picked up tricks and training — she is so smart but also so happy, kind, and loveable.

Brown fluffy dog hanging its head off of a sofa and looking directly at the camera Brown fluffy dog curled up on a person's bed looking cute at the camera

Nicole’s Lucy in Ohio

Jill Alarcon

Pet(s): Griffin and Cooper

Here is a pretty darn cute (yes, I’m biased), pic of my two dogs: the old man, Griffin (almost 10), and Cooper (almost 2). Both are Boston Terrier — Boxer mixes.

Love: playing tug, giving kisses, eating anything available (especially Cooper), laying in the grass in the warm sun, long walks, and cuddling.

Hate: the doorbell ringing, dogs walking by, packages being delivered.

Our home is quite chaotic with two pups and two little ones, but we couldn’t imagine our lives without them!

Two black and white small dogs lying down on a rug looking at the camera

Jill’s Griffin and Cooper

Adam Cyr

Pet: Abe

My girlfriend and I adopted Abe last September. His name was Sebastian at the time, and he was rescued from an animal hoarder in Alabama. He was moved all the way to Illinois, so we decided to call him Abraham (Abraham Lincoln). He took a few months to come out of his shell but now he loves couch cuddles and play fighting with me. We are very happy to have him.

Small brown and black down cuddled on a couch with a stuffed animal toy Small brown and black dog sitting upright on a couch looking directly at the camera Small brown and black dog standing up on its hind legs with its front legs on its owner's lap, who is sitting at a desk

Adam’s Abe

Mary Roh

Pet: Popcorn

This is Popcorn! She’s a 10-year-old American Eskimo, enjoying the quiet at my parents’ lake house. She spends her days napping on her favorite spot on the couch and occasionally sitting outside with her eyes closed, enjoying that sunlit breeze. She’s truly living up that cozy retirement life (even though she’s never had a job).

White fluffy dog lying on it's back looking happy

Mary’s Popcorn

We couldn’t forget about our reptilian friends, too. 🦎

Isabella Diecidue


Nugget is a Leopard Gecko.

Pumpkin, Gizmo and Buttercup are Blue Tongue Skinks.

Cinnamon and Chive are Crested Geckos.

Chickpea is a Leachianus Gecko.

White and brown small speckled lizard on a countertop A green Leachianus Gecko curled up on a person's hand A brown Crested Gecko in its cage with its paw on the side looking at the camera A cream colored Crested Gecko in its cage with its head cocked looking at the camera A brown and black stiped Blue Tongue Skink in its cage on a log looking at the camera with its blue tongue sticking out A yellow and black spotted Blue Tongue Skink lizard stretched out on a grey blanket A brown and black striped Blue Tongue Skink lizard stretched out on a black towel

Are you and your pet looking for a new gig?

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