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Marina Parsons headshot

DCG Deets: Meet Marina Parsons, Graphic Designer

Name: Marina Parsons

Role at DCG: Graphic Designer

Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania

What is your ‘why’? How does DCG connect with that?

As a graphic designer at DCG, my ‘why’ is rooted in using design to do good for others and make a positive impact. DCG’s mission aligns perfectly with my passion for creating meaningful design and contributing to a better world. I love DCG’s continuous learning and growth culture, which allows me to translate clients’ aspirations into visual stories that resonate and inspire. Working at DCG allows me to further my purpose-driven journey where creativity meets impact, shaping a brighter future one design at a time.

What is your favorite part of your role?

The best part of my job is diving into design challenges and puzzles — it’s like solving a fun brain teaser, especially when it comes to branding! I adore the whole process: researching, sketching, and breaking down the projects, building them back up, even if I have to hit the reset button now and then. Brainstorming with my fellow designers always inspires me and keeps things interesting. I love that every day, without fail, I learn something new or master a fresh skill to jazz up whatever project I’m working on.

What does your day look like?

I try to kick off my mornings by squeezing in some exercise before diving into a stack of fluffy pancakes — my partner’s specialty — alongside a mug of our favorite coffee. As the day starts, I send a good morning message to check in with my teammates, attend a few meetings, bounce around ideas with my coworkers, and then begin immersing myself in my creative work. My favorite part is getting lost in the design flow with my go-to jams — currently, Chappell Roan’s Midwest Princess album — as I tackle everything from graphics to animations and even dabble in video projects. I do my best to take a lunchtime stroll for some sunshine followed by some birdwatching from our deck.

Marina and her partner smile for the camera as they enjoy an outdoor concert.

What are your life passions?

My life revolves around learning and creating! Growing up in a family of creators, crafters, specialists, entrepreneurs, and artists, I’ve been mesmerized by their ability to turn imagination into tangible beauty. My grandmother ran her own craft bazaar in Brazil with some other family members, and it was one of my favorite things to see whenever I came to visit in the summers. I aspire to soak up as many crafting skills as I can. So far, I’ve dabbled in illustration (both pencil and digital), painting, woodworking, stained glass, crochet, graphic design, animation, video production, photography, gardening, home repair, and sewing. Next on my exploration list? Metalworking and pottery — it’s on the horizon! The joy and fulfillment I find in embarking on, learning from, and completing a project are beyond words. My goal is simple: to spread joy by creating beautiful (preferably groovy) things. I feel like in an alternate life, maybe I would have been an inventor, set designer, or an amateur engineer, tinkering away and working with my hands all day!

What are your favorite outside-of-work activities or hobbies?

My latest ongoing hobby is embracing my inner Bob the Builder. I’ve been amassing a collection of power tools and diving into the world of DIY home repairs. I’m also crafting miniature bookshelf houses, working on another stained glass piece, and whipping up mixed-media artwork for my front room’s gallery wall. Thankfully, my boyfriend is incredibly patient and supportive, even when I leave a trail of craft supplies and mess in my wake. Dreaming of the day I can tackle full remodels on my own!

Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Apart from visiting Brazil to spend time with family, my top travel destination has to be Porto, Portugal. The vibrant food scene, rich cultural heritage, and abundance of art and artisans make it truly unforgettable. It’s simply the most beautiful place I’ve ever experienced.

Marina posing with her stained glass art creation!

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