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Michelle Barascout headshot

DCG Deets: Meet Michelle Barascout, Communications Specialist

Name: Michelle Barascout

Role at DCG: Communications Specialist

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

What was the turning point where you had to have the job?

The opportunity to work for DCG came at a fateful time in my life. I was yearning for a role where I could make an impact on important causes. After meeting with some of the team members and learning more about the VA Suicide Prevention Program account, the work really resonated with me on a personal level because my partner is an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy. Knowing I could work on impactful projects that would affect lives so close to home really made me passionate about the role. The company-wide passion and care for the variety of accounts is something I’ve seen consistently from the initial interviews to now and has been super fulfilling.

What is your favorite part of your role?

My favorite part of my role is that DCG provides a lot of opportunities to really grow professionally, which is something very important to me. In just my first year, I feel that I’ve been given opportunities to assist my team in different areas, spearhead projects, and assist other accounts as well. These opportunities have expanded my skillset tremendously from when I started.

What is your favorite DCG memory?

A core memory from my time at DCG is when my team members sent me a sweet gift after my fiancé deployed overseas. This meant a lot and showed this was a workplace that really cares about each other. Even as a remote company, there’s been countless moments and gestures like this that have proven the genuine connections that are made.

Michelle and her partner at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

What are your favorite outside-of-work activities or hobbies?

I love live music! I’m an avid concertgoer and don’t miss an opportunity to see a show if I’m able to. I’m grateful to have seen a lot of my favorite musicians live. One of my favorite concerts ever was Tame Impala, and next up, I’ll be seeing one of my all-time favorites, Hozier, in May!

Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

It’s hard to narrow down to a favorite but if I had to choose, I’d probably have to say Paris, France. It’s so magical! I’m lucky to have gone twice in my life, and I’d go back a million times if I could. I’m a huge fan of the history, architecture, and culture. My great-grandfather was French, which is where my name comes from, and I got engaged there in 2022, so I have my own personal ties that make me cherish the city all the more.

What’s on your bucket list?

On my bucket list is to visit all the continents! I’ve been to three out of seven so far. Traveling to experience different ways of life and seeing the marvels of the world is something I love to do. I’m hoping I can make a trip to Asia happen in the near future and get closer to reaching my goal in the near future.

Michelle in front of the Eiffel Tower in 2018.

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