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Employees Help Create New Company Benefits Inspired by Wellness + Well-Being

​ Credit: Bluewater Sweden, Michael Holzinger

Every person is different. What works for one may not be ideal for another.

That’s why DCG recently revamped and enhanced its benefits program. The employee-led initiative covers everything from PTO to 401k investment choices to family-centric programming.

The goal is to make sure DCG staff members have the tools they need for a healthy, balanced life, with an emphasis on wellness and well-being. Some of the highlights of the new benefits program include:

? A minimum of 20 PTO days (previous benefits program: minimum of 10 PTO days plus seven paid sick days)

? 11 paid federal holidays plus floating Heritage Day plus half-day closure on the day prior to Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day (previous benefits program did not include half-day closures)

? $1,000 towards fertility planning and treatment, adoption, and surrogacy (this benefit did not previously exist)

? Up to 5 days paid bereavement leave, extending beyond immediate family to include stepchildren and close friends; 10 days paid bereavement leave for loss of child, including miscarriage (previous benefits program offered 2 days bereavement leave for death of an immediate family member)

? Annual $300 Best-Self & Wellness Benefit that can be used toward a gym membership or fitness app; fitness equipment; home office equipment; acupuncture, massage, reiki, cryotherapy, etc.; sessions with a nutritionist; healthy meal delivery service; access to coworking space; etc. (this benefit did not previously exist)

? Option to add environmental, social, and governance funds to 401k portfolios (this benefit did not previously exist)

Staff from across DCG came together to create the new benefits package. Here they share the rationale behind their decisions and what they hope to accomplish for the DCG family:

Adam Clampitt, president & CEO: “I started DCG because I wanted to create a company where people truly enjoyed the entire experience of being here and thought long and hard about what I would have wanted from the large PR firms that I used to work for. This package helps realize that by providing benefits that are important to our staff and enables them to live their best life!”

Jill Alarcon, vice president, human resources: “As head of HR at DCG, I have a unique insight into both the needs of our existing team members, as well as what candidates are seeking in their employer. Understanding that everyone has different needs, interests, and passions, it was imperative that we provided not only a more robust benefit offering, but a level of flexibility so that team members can take advantage of what they value most.

It is critical that we support our team through every stage of life, both the celebratory and the more difficult. I am beyond proud of our new benefit offerings and have already seen the positive impact they’ve made, from employees being able to take more time off to recharge, and, of course, taking advantage of our Best-Self & Wellness Benefit! Personally, I’m looking forward to sprucing up my workout outfits, joining my colleagues on the Peloton, and tagging @dcglife in my post-workout selfies on Instagram!”

Chelsea Radler, vice president: “I’m sincerely proud that DCG’s expanded parental benefits recognize all the shapes and sizes of modern families. It sends a clear message that DCG is inclusive and equitable for LGBTQ+ and adoptive parents. I’m also pumped that DCG is encouraging employees to be their best selves outside of work, with a combination of more PTO and reimbursable wellness expenses. Come sweat with VP of HR Jill and me on the Peloton leader board with #DCGLife!”

Employees Help Create New Company Benefits Inspired by Wellness + Well-Being was originally published in DCG Life on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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