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Introducing Sigil, Our New Joint Venture

Same team, new name — introducing our new joint venture: Sigil Consulting Group.

We have a new joint venture company! We’re excited to unveil Sigil Consulting Group, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and joint venture between DCG and The Crux Firm. This alliance merges our teams’ expertise as we address the government’s most pressing challenges.

DCG and Crux have a long history of working together that grew organically into an SBA mentor-protégé agreement in January 2021 under our first joint venture, CruxDCG. After two years under CruxDCG, we decided to continue our partnership under a new name, to avoid confusion between our two firms. We were drawn to the name Sigil — a symbolic beacon for meaningful change.

A sigil, pronounced sih-jul, is an emblem considered to have power or magical significance; it is a symbolic representation of a desired outcome, and the name Sigil reflects our intention to exceed the goals of our clients.

What is a joint venture and why do companies form one?

A joint venture is when two or more businesses combine resources and create a separate entity to achieve certain goals. Often, and in the case of mentor-protégé agreements, it’s a way for a larger company to mentor and share resources to help smaller companies grow. It’s also a way for companies with different strengths to combine expertise and benefit from each other’s talents.

With our roots as a veteran-owned business, we’ve always felt a kinship with Crux and have worked closely over the years to foster growth opportunities across our teams. Sigil is a natural evolution into the next stage of our partnership.

What does Sigil offer?

Sigil brings the best in both of our teams! Crux has extensive project management experience with core expertise in data management and technical support, while DCG offers strategic communications, research, digital, and creative support. Together we bring a team of over 100 exceptionally qualified experts to create evidence-based solutions.

Meet the brand

To represent our unified front, we took inspiration from DCG’s blue and Crux’s yellow brand colors to create the green base for Sigil. We then created an expanded color palette including a chartreuse color pop with gold, light blue, and cream accents to allow for a variety of applications. We also developed abstract brand elements using diamond accents to play off the magical elements associated with sigils.

We brought the brand elements together into a cohesive style guide.

We’re always looking for new partners and problems to solve! Interested in working with Sigil? Reach out and let’s spark ideas together.

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