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New work alert! Meet our 7 new contracts

One of our most successful new business seasons ever has yielded a slew of new contracts and growth for DCG.

What does preventing terrorism, connecting Veterans with employment, and combating human trafficking all have in common?

They’re all causes DCG actively supports.

Thanks to the hard work put in during “new business season” — the flurry of proposal requests from June through September — we’ve added new contracts to our roster.

To say it’s been a busy few months for us would be an understatement. But I can say without a doubt we have an incredible team.

More than half the company supported the proposal process at some point, which speaks volumes to our expertise and DCGer’s can-do team attitudes. For anyone who pitched in, whether lending a quick eye or working late into the night — we see you. We appreciate you. You are what makes DCG great.

We’re excited to say DCG is now supporting two new federal agencies for the first time: the Department of Labor and Department of the Treasury. We also more than doubled our work with the Department of Homeland Security.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of our seven new contracts:

Animation of a blond woman in a suit sitting at a desk and drumming her hands on the desk like a drumroll with a text overlay that says, "drumroll please."

1. Small Business Administration — Social Media Support Service for the Office of Communications and Public Liaison

The rundown: SBA offers a range of free or low-cost programs and resources to help entrepreneurs and small business owners across the United States start, grow, expand, and recover their businesses. DCG strategically uses social media to help SBA reach and engage each of their audiences on a personal level and create messaging and content in ways that establish intimacy and trust.

We’re looking forward to continuing the social media marketing efforts we started with them back in 2019, and the SBA overall since 2014.

2. Department of Labor — Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) Outreach

The rundown: VETS Outreach helps transitioning service members, Veterans, and military spouses find employment during the transition from military to civilian life. DCG will utilize a combination of marketing efforts to help increase participation in VETS programs and connect Veterans with meaningful careers.

3. Department of Homeland Security — Office of Public Affairs

The rundown: The Office of Public Affairs coordinates the public affairs activities of all the department’s offices and serves as the primary point of contact for news media, organizations, and the public. Building upon our existing support for other DHS offices, DCG will provide a range of support spanning strategic communications planning, writing and editing, design and branding support, social media, and data analytics.

4. Department of Homeland Security — Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3)

The rundown: CP3 helps communities prevent targeted violence and terrorism to build a safer America. Partnering with Guidehouse, DCG will develop an integrated campaign to help increase national awareness of its mission, scale prevention activities across the country, and rigorously evaluate its impact.

5. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration — Preventing Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

The rundown: As part of its mission to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses, FMCSA works to combat human trafficking by conducting outreach to recognize and report possible trafficking. DCG will develop a campaign to increase public awareness, conduct outreach, and enlist stakeholders to combat human trafficking.

6. Department of Veterans Affairs — MyHealtheVet Program Management and Training Support

The rundown: My HealtheVet is a highly visible website that helps facilitate Veterans’ access to VA health records, refill prescriptions, securely message their care teams, schedule VA appointments, and more. DCG will continue developing training products, administering training sessions, and delivering project management support to support the program.

We look forward to continuing our work with Trilogy Federal, Gritter Francona, and Leidos on this one!

7. Department of Veterans Affairs — Advancing VA innovation and Learning (AVAIL)

The rundown: Stemming from VHA’s Office of Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks (DEAN), the AVAIL contract expands VHA’s access to innovative teams who can help design, develop, and test novel solutions at VA, ensuring that solutions create meaningful value for clinicians and Veterans before being scaled into clinical use. We’ll be looking to build great things as part of Team Deloitte.

These new contracts join our other 20+ active accounts, and we can’t wait to dig in and shine a light on programs making a difference.

We believe smart communication has the power to change lives. Whether it’s strategic communications or tailored support, such as research, design, web, paid media, or more, we infuse big ideas to advance the missions of our clients.

Want to join our team? Check out our careers page or contact to learn more.

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