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Paws and Reflect: DCG Celebrates National Pet Day

Today, we celebrate National Pet Day, and DCG is excited to shine a spotlight on our four-legged friends!

In 2023, DCG created a Teams chat specifically for pet parents to connect, share photos of their fur babies, and have a place for anything and everything pet related. In honor of this national day recognizing the importance of pets in our lives, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the special bonds between DCGers and their beloved pets.

1. Sydney & Doug

Meet Sydney and her fur child, Doug (aka Douglas Fur Anderson). Doug not only brings warmth to Sydney’s heart but encourages her to take breaks throughout the day. Due to his hip dysplasia, he needs to get outside for a good stretch — and his pawing at the door to be let out reminds Sydney to step away from the screen and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Roselle & Cleo

Roselle’s household is ruled by the majestic 15-year-old Oriental blue cat named Cleo. Cleo likes to pass the time eating, napping, loafing, hanging out by the window near Roselle’s desk, and rubbing up against boxes, computers, and corners (really, anything will do). In addition to being a work-from-home companion, Cleo diligently alerts her mom when the workday is done (since 5 p.m. is also her dinner time).

3. Kim & her trio: Carlos, Cleo, and Winston

Kim’s furry trio, Carlos, the 4-year-old Goldendoodle, Cleo, the 3-year-old tabby cat, and Winston, the 9-month-old ginger rescue, work together to help Kim maintain a work-life balance. They remind her in various ways throughout the day that it’s time to take a breather — like staring at her until they get attention (Carlos), bringing her their favorite toy (Cleo), or simply sitting directly in front of Kim’s screen (Winston).

Carlos (left), Cleo (center), Winston (right)

4. Kylie & Ryder

Kylie rescued Ryder, her 7- to 8-year-old half-Aussie half-border collie, in 2023 from Alabama. It was the perfect opportunity for them both: Ryder needed a new home after his previous owner became sick, and Kylie had recently started her job at DCG, which allowed her the work-life balance to adopt an energetic dog. Ryder’s love for walks and being outside encourages Kylie to step away from her desk for short breaks and has generally increased her physical activity levels!

5. Olivia & Kiwi

When Olivia joined DCG, both her and Kiwi (her 1-year-old black domestic longhaired cat) were happy to lean into the remote work lifestyle. As a social cat, this meant that Kiwi could get attention all day long! Usually, this means lying on top of Olivia’s keyboards. When Kiwi has the time, she enjoys playing a “TSA agent,” inspecting any and all bags that come into the house.

6. Amy E, Zara & Luke

Amy and her dynamic duo, Zara, the 5-year-old Siberian husky, and Luke, the 8-year-old beagle, are active pups who love to play with one another, run outside (well, Luke actually runs away from Zara), and dig holes. Every day, Zara and Luke ask Amy for a lunchtime walk, which gets her outside, too! Thanks to DCG’s remote work environment, Amy and her family can help the duo meet their activity needs. Happy dogs = happy Amy!

7. Rachel M & Shiso

Rachel M’s DCG experience (and those on remote video calls) are improved by the presence of Shiso (aka “Cheeky”), her 1.5-year-old cattle dog mix. When Shiso isn’t on squirrel patrol, chewing sticks, or asking for treats, she’s helping Rachel break up the workday with post-meeting snuggles and playful games of tug-of-war.

Here’s to the pets who steal our hearts — today and every day! 🐾

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