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Team Sigil Wins VA’s Suicide Prevention Communications Services Contract

DCG’s focus on the mission that launched the company — Veteran suicide prevention — will continue with a just-announced five-year contract.

The contract, covering comprehensive communications services for VA’s Office of Suicide Prevention, allows Team Sigil, a joint venture between DCG and Crux, to maintain our decade-long commitment to raising awareness of and support for Veteran suicide prevention.

Together with our partners, including Reingold, Team Sigil has supported more than 35 contracts across VA, with many specifically promoting awareness, understanding, and VA services related to suicide prevention and mental health. Our seasoned team has unmatched experience in project management, strategic communications, outreach and events, paid media, graphic design, website design and management, photo and video production, and measurement and evaluation.

Because of our widespread capabilities and history of support, we’ll be ready to start on the first day of the new contract, challenging the status quo, bringing fresh perspectives to the table, and taking calculated risks to drive the positive change that more than 18 million Veterans, their families, and friends deserve.

Our work will be guided by the Office of Suicide Prevention’s three core tenets of Veteran suicide prevention:

1. Suicide is preventable.

2. Suicide prevention requires both clinical and community-based public health approaches.

3. Everyone has a role to play in Veteran suicide prevention.

To reach Veterans in crisis and provide lifesaving resources, we’ll use communications strategies that employ an evidence-backed public health approach that addresses not just individual Veterans, but the societal, community, and relationship factors that can help reduce the risks of Veteran suicide.

We’ll leverage our extensive body of original research regarding suicide and Veteran-centric communications to deliver effective strategies that authentically reflect the Veteran experience, mitigate risks inherent to raising awareness about suicide and mental health issues, and promote help-seeking behaviors.

With more than 10 years of experience providing communications support to VA’s Office of Suicide Prevention, Team Sigil brings unrivaled knowledge of and involvement with VA’s top suicide prevention initiatives. We understand the complexity of communicating around suicide prevention and the barriers to reaching Veterans where they are, with a proven track record of delivering effective owned, earned, and paid media campaigns, high-profile events, and comprehensive outreach strategies.

And for us, this work is more than just business — it’s personal. More than 25 of Team Sigil’s employees are Veterans. More are Veteran spouses or the children of Veterans. We understand the urgency, we’ve built the relationships, and we’re uniquely positioned to achieve measurable, lasting change.

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