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Beyond Mental Health Awareness Month: DCG’s Year-Round Commitment to Prioritizing Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and serves as a monthlong reminder to check in with ourselves and others around us. In today’s fast-paced world where we’re all balancing a lot, it can feel increasingly difficult to take a moment to reflect, be still, and breathe.

The truth of the matter is mental health has become an undeniable and crucial component to our overall health and wellness. DCG is committed to fostering a workplace with this in mind. People are at the center of all the work we do, so promoting a healthy, happy, productive, and engaged workforce is a vital part of DCG’s culture. Here are some of the ways DCG champions mental health wellness:

Tailored Benefits

DCG employees receive an annual stipend to use for personal wellness. From fitness equipment, counseling services, and a wide range of wellness services or products, employees can use the allowance to suit their individual interests. This unique benefit is designed to support a personalized way of meeting the needs and recognizing the interests unique to each employee.

Another way employees can feel supported in work-life balance is through flexible remote work arrangements. DCG has employees in 27 states and has been a remote company since its inception — this type of working environment can help reduce stress.

“Remote work environment means I spend zero time commuting to an office, which used to take up 90 minutes of my day at my previous job,” Kristen Kropf said. “The time I would’ve spent sitting in stressful traffic, I now put toward running outside to clear my mind.”

Well-Being Initiatives

Staff events and activities that promote mental well-being add to a work culture that allows all employees to explore the best versions of themselves. Employees can feel supported and learn tools that promote work-life balance and mental well-being through well-being initiatives.

From their very first day, DCGers are paired with a “DCG Buddy.” The Buddy Program’s goal is to give new employees the chance to gain a familiar face and guide as they embark on this new start.

“Starting a new job with a go-to peer helped ease the new-job nerves,” Savana Dempich said. “Having a friend from day one who can help you navigate new systems, get you connected in a remote environment, and answer questions made onboarding so smooth and way less scary.”

Additionally, throughout the year, DCG’s Events Committee puts on activities with wellness in mind. The Events Committee kicked off the year with weekly self-care mindfulness sessions that offered DCGers time for yoga, breathwork, meditation, and functional nutrition.

When we take care of ourselves, we’re able to see the positive effects manifest in our lives both personally and professionally. As we close out Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s take the time and resources available to give our minds the tender love and care we need year-round.

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